Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thirty Days of Thankfulness:A Countdown: #17

17. Today I am thankful for teamwork.
It was our last outdoor worship service for the summer. There were 4 musicians working as one today and our combined talents made for such a pleasant offering.
Alone, music can be good, but harmony comes from working together: both musically and in general.
My husband is such a great team player when it comes to parenting. If not for him, I would be unable to serve musically on Sundays. He and I work together so well, that our 10 years have been very enjoyable. Our goals and values are similar, so our few conflicts rarely last more than a few hours.
Other than keeping a colicky infant away from him, we've not had to sleep "on the couch" as we long for that peace. He is my best friend and partner. Can't wait for our celebration!

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