Monday, August 25, 2014

Thirty Days of Thankfulness-A Countdown #16

16. Today I am thankful for life-saving skills. For centuries, people have had healing abilities and have trained others so that more lives could be saved. From proper hand-washing techniques, to covering our coughs and sneezes, to formal medical training, all these skills are taught and improved upon.
I had First Aid/CPR training today and learned a couple new things, but as we went through some of the emergency scenarios, I was reminded of each of my children and the life-savers that have kept my children alive.
My pain relief during labor and delivery was causing my daughter's heart rate to decline, and the doctors and nurses got her out of my body in a faster manner to save her life. My youngest was breathing 60 breaths per minute and the doctors and nurses in the ER were able to help stabilize her, administer medicines, and after a good 12 hours, we were finally at normal oxygen saturation for her. My second-born cut the top of her foot open while camping this summer, and we were able to get the bleeding stopped, drive her back into town and get her wound cleaned, stitched, and now she's back to her normal five year-old self with just a small mark on her skin.
For all my friends who are in the medical profession, I am thankful for your selflessness to serve others. It is not an easy line of work, but a noble one.
And, my husband has had many wounds and stitches in his life, so for each of these life-saving skills that somebody taught and somebody learned, I am thankful.

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