Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thirty Days of Thankfulness-a countdown. #29

Thirty Days of Thankfulness-countdown to my 10th Wedding Anniversary

29. I am thankful for pain. Not that I enjoy pain. Quite the opposite, but I am thankful that there is something out there to teach me. That I can continue to grow. In light of pain, then I am ever more aware of its opposite: pleasure.
If you have ever tasted fruit that is not ripe, and then you get a good piece, well, you know what I am getting at. I am grateful that we can learn from small amounts of pain and be prevented some of the larger amounts out there.
It is during times of pain that I have also received great comfort and love from others, and had I no pain, I would not have the depth of appreciation from those persons.
Once we have experienced pain, we are better at reaching out to those in similar pain.
To me, pain causes us (if we allow it to) to become more compassionate and caring and appreciative in life.

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