Saturday, August 30, 2014

Thirty Days of Thankfulness-A Countdown: #11

11. Today I am thankful for well-child checkups. My daughter had her "7 year old" well-child exam yesterday. She's growing and staying to the same growth course she's been on for the past few years. 50th for height and weight. For many of us, we take these milestones for granted.
I have friends who have been through so much medically with their children and we have prayed with them, rejoiced with them, cried with them, and at the end of the day, you hug your kids a little tighter, knowing that life is a gift.
I am thankful that though we have had some medical reasons to visit the doctor apart from the normal schedule, that we have been spared anything major. Most of the time, our ailing is a virus that needs rest and fluids and perhaps a little fever-breaking intervention.
I also want to take this time for you still reading to lift up those children you do know that need extra care. Prayer for their parents who sometimes feel helpless to help them, prayer for the doctors to be wise in their treatments, prayer for the little bodies to respond well. Peace for the parents that they will not be exhausted trying to control the uncontrollable circumstances.
Prayer that those little boys and girls will grow up to be leaders, kind and compassionate, making the most of their lives.

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