Sunday, May 6, 2018

Adapt: Five Minute Friday

This week's prompt was Adapt. I wasn't sure if I'd chime in, but after my Sunday service, I'm all pumped up and excited to share with you!! Here's the Five Minute Friday link-up.

Life has been eventful as of late. It began a couple weeks ago with a students vs staff volleyball game. I'd had an iced blended "Dutch Freeze" from Dutch Brothers coffee and was feeling jittery and adrenaline rushed and I had shaky hands.

Two days later, I had some similar adrenaline rushing without physical activity. I began to have pain down my left tricep from shoulder to elbow, similar to a tetanus shot. Monday I was so in pain in my left upper back that I was unable to sleep well, and Tuesday's last minute chiropractic visit revealed a rib "out to China".
Tuesday evening, however, I was still just not myself and finally went in to the doctor (at 8pm that means ER).
My heart was okay, no heart attack, but my blood pressure was 148/104.
It remained high a week later when I had stopped taking my occasional sudafed and anything else suspect to causing this ailment.
I even went without coffee on Monday to give accuracy and my blood pressure was still 136/100.
So, I was put on blood pressure medicine.
Yesterday at Walmart, I didn't rest much before using their machine by the pharmacy, which gave me a pulse reading of 102, but my BP was 114/79. (My normal range again!)

During this ordeal, I was gifted with a chinese massage at a local place (before the follow up visit) and the verse John 14:27 was given to me.
"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid."

I have also ruminated on John 14:1
"Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe in Me as well."

Since then, every verse with the word "heart" has leapt at me.

Today at church it was Psalm 27:14.
(Here are my doodles)

Break it apart.

Here's my adapted version.

"Eagerly anticipate the Lord; be steady, unwavering, and confident, have hope and be encouraged as you eagerly anticipate the Lord."
(Waiting is not a punishment like waiting in line.)

That's where I am at and the timer has gone off.

To conclude, I feel that God is just wrestling control from my hands again. :) In His loving, but commanding way, He is saying, "You can eat right and exercise and commit your energy to fitness, but you are not in control of your body and health. You need to trust me in sickness and in health, for richer and poorer, for better and for worse. (yes, marriage vows.)
Do I praise Him when I'm up AND when I'm down? Better yet, do I trust His plans over my own?


My anthem lately is "Tremble" by Mosaic. I'm sharing it again. The first lyric is "peace" and it's been a steadying one for me.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Other: Five Minute Friday

Three months? This is by far the longest FMF gap I've had. Here's the linkup to Five Minute Friday.
So, here we go on the prompt "other".

"What are your other interests?"
It seems like life wants us to narrow down who we are and what we do into a nice, neat package.
And yet, we resist this labeling.

"I am more!" we cry.

"I want more!" is our inner cry.

You see, what is that "other" interest, pursuit, keeping you from being wholly fulfilled to the core of your soul?

These challenging thoughts have been a very clear message to me lately from the Holy Spirit.

Am I living for myself? Or am I living for God and what He wants to do through me?

These convictions don't lead to shame or guilt, but a mindfulness and a sense of renewed purpose.

Do I want my life to be filled with Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control?
If so, then that person of the Holy Spirit needs to be my center.
The task list can wait and the emails are going to be there when I'm done, but I need to worship.

Worship is like breathing. If you're not experiencing worship, full, unabandoned daily worship, you are not taking care of your spirit. This can be different for many of us. Worship and music are intertwined for me, but I'm a musical creature and music is my love language. I LOVE to sing praises to God and play music for Him, and to worship with others as well.

Maybe it's reading your Bible quietly, maybe it's journaling, or creating artistic verse images.

Though the timer has rung, perhaps you've begun to hear that still small voice like I have.

Blessings, friends.


This song has been stuck in my head for weeks, but I couldn't remember how it began. Every week at church I would hear the interlude in my head with the female vocals (and no words there). A friend of mine was able to find it for me, based on my "ah-ah-ah-ah" rendition of the interlude. :) Enjoy!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Intentional: Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday happens every week. We get a prompt Thursday night and go to our keys, sharing our words for five straight minutes and then we stop. We then share our meager fishes and loaves to edify and encourage and build community.

Tonight's word is intentional.
I don't even know what to write.
So, poetry for five minutes, unfettered.
Here we go:

Holding it back
Holding it in
Unwavering hope
Unyielding faith
And yet, pain.
Where are you?!
I know you're here.
I feel nothing.
I want everything.
I want you.
What are my intentions?
I am fully yours.
Wholly yours.
I want only your fulfilling love.
I am intentional.
I am waiting here for you,
and yet,
I cannot wait.
I cannot stand still
I cannot stand the silence.
Washing over me
Tumbling me like Ocean waves
Panting from all my trying.
I struggle to keep my head up
as I bow down
What am I that you would love me?
What do you see that would stop the God of the Universe?
And yet, I am beautiful and wonderfully made.
The curve of my chin,
the sparkle in my eyes,
the crinkles at the edges of my mouth when I smile,
this stops you and you say it is very good.
Oh my God, I cry out to you!
Will you let me feel you tonight?
Will you draw me into your tangible presence?
I am needing you to be intentional.
Stop me.
Hold me.
Don't let me flutter around like a restless bird.
Still me
Quiet me
Let us be, just you and me, sitting here and let us breathe.

We had an unusual sunspot rainbow that mirrored the other night, and I was fortunate enough to capture it with my cellphone while spending time outdoors with my girls. We took a walk and ate ice cream and enjoyed the rainbows.