Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thirty Days of Thankfulness-A Countdown: #14

14. Today I am thankful for protection.
I don't like feeling stuck or trapped. After bringing lunch to our school for the teachers in inservice today, a sheriff's deputy was shot and the suspect went on the run. The principal told us we were in lockdown-nobody could leave or enter.
I was with my three daughters and a friend who had also brought lunch had her sons there. We sorted through donated uniforms for our school for the better part of two hours until we were finally given permission to leave.
Though I felt trapped, I felt safe. All the teachers were at the school and I had time for a pre-conference with one. It was not how I'd foreseen my day, but it was time well spent.
Please pray for the deputy who was shot twice at close range.


The deputy is in stable but critical condition at the hospital in Portland, Oregon. The suspect was captured early this morning.
(And that is why this post was on my Facebook yesterday but I didn't get around to putting it on here. I promise I am posting these daily!!)

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