Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thirty Days of Thankfulness-A Countdown: #25

25. I am thankful for change. I actually do not enjoy change much at all. I feel safe when I have a plan, a routine, something marked out on my calendar three months from now. But, I am THANKFUL for change. I cannot remain the same. I must grow and change to become more like Christ and less like the selfish, helpless infant I was when I entered the world.
It was so hard eleven years ago to drive cross-country without a plan and arrive in a tiny town in Oregon, with one friend from grade school waiting for me.
But, the result of that choice and change is that I am about to celebrate my 10th Wedding Anniversary with my best friend.
Having children has changed my life and it is so much more challenging than I could ever have imagined, but I am learning about grace and about how God sees me and there are things I'm letting go of that have needed to be gone for years and He's prying them out of my hands and I'm getting freedom!
Getting braces caused a gap in my smile the size of a front tooth as they were spreading my jaw....I had a definite "ugly duckling" period and yet at my heaviest, with a full mouth of braces, my sweet Dave saw the beauty inside me that won't change when my body is deteriorating!
So, though I detest the process and feel so unstable when change is happening, I look back and I am thankful for change.

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