Friday, August 29, 2014

Thirty Days of Thankfulness-A Countdown: #12

12. Today I am thankful for friendship. Dave and I were blessed to have some good friends over for dinner tonight. Their kids and our kids don't get to play together too often as we live on opposite sides of town and attend different churches, but every time we DO get together, it's wonderful!
We had the pleasure of two couples tonight as her parents also joined us. How wonderful to have multigenerational fellowship! We gain so much from each other!
Truly, just as "man was not meant to be alone", we, even as couples, need and long for friendship and fellowship. It was great to eat good food and just enjoy each others' company without need for any other entertainment.
Though Facebook is very helpful to me to ask for props for teaching or to organize an event, it does very little to help me feel filled.
Interacting over the internet does not satisfy my longing for company.
I prefer faces to facebooks.
And that is why I am thankful for friendship.
And recipes online.

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