Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thirty Days of Thankfulness-A Countdown: #15

15. Today I am thankful for answered prayers.
Now, let's be honest, sometimes I haven't been very happy with the answer to some of my prayers. I prayed for a woman to either be healed or mercifully taken to heaven and the next morning she left the earth. That was not the answer I wanted. I wanted her to be healed, but she was eternally healed versus temporarily healed with death still looming as her exit from earth.
Today, a fierce battle had ensued at my home. A child was upset over a toy being taken away and a very loud assault on my ears had ensued. After she kicked my shin, she was in her room with the door shut, still ear-splitting shrieking.
Her younger sister came back into the house and said her sister "is screaming at me." I said "No, she's screaming at Mommy because she's upset."
That child then said, "Mommy can I pray?" (I thought she was going to ask a blessing on her breakfast) "Sure"
"Dear God, please help *my sister* to stop screaming at Mama."
(sister had been at it for over 5 minutes in that bedroom by now)
Within a minute, instant calm and quiet in the house.
*notices* "Mama, *sister* stop screaming."
"Yes, God answered your prayer."
*child sits there, letting it soak in*
I think there are times where we pray and the wanted answer is in line with scripture, and God gives us that quick answer to strengthen our faith in Him. There are other times we don't get that quick answer because He's working inside us and in our faith. Depending on ourselves is exhausting, and sometimes an unanswered prayer leads to desperation to complete surrender to absolute peace in His ability to handle overwhelming circumstances.
And the answer today? "Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10a
That is why I am thankful for answered prayer.

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