Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Been A While

This Sunday was rich and full and to tell you the truth, I've really been listening lately.
It's funny how we can forget to do that. We think that reading our devotional and scrolling over verses on our Facebook newsfeed, "liking" and "sharing" them, that we're fed and spending time with God.

What a small portion we're limiting ourselves to if this is all it is.

Something very insightful our pastor shared this weekend was of a time when he was all alone on a hike and lost. He prayed, and God showed him how lost he truly was, but also that the dream in his heart was not the dream God had for him.

I've been pondering that. What dream have I been clinging to that is misguided and unfulfilling yet drives me constantly? Will I allow God to finally sever those ties that are holding me back from true fulfillment and satisfaction?

I met with a dear friend for coffee today, and I was so blessed! She listened as I shared this with her, and I identified my teenage dream of being famous. I know that it was a selfish dream and that it wasn't for my own glory that I was created.

The image in my head I'd had over the weekend was not to be a lovely ceramic vase in which I hide God, but a transparent clear vase that shows Him within me. If there are cracks in the clear vase, they don't keep you from seeing the beauty inside. If you are the ceramic vase, all people see is you and you cannot measure up to their scrutiny.

She stood still and with a serious but encouraging look on her face said that as I shared that, it was then given to her, "Make Him famous." "When you make God famous, then you will receive the renown you are wanting."

The more God purifies me, the more of Him that will be visible through me.

Make Him famous. As I turn 33, that is my goal for the year.

Always a pleasure walking with you on this journey together!!


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