Sunday, March 13, 2016

Holey, Wholly, Holy (and Share: Five Minute Friday)

I missed this week's linkup over at FMF. It was "share".

Thursday night I was sharing my time with a new friend at our Thursday night service. It was medicine for my tired soul. Friday was a full day, and I just didn't get a chance to write. Saturday I shared the joy of seeing a new baby goat jump and frolic, and saw it through the eyes of my three girls. I shared breakfast with my in-laws who surprised us with a visit.
A new friend shared Joy with me by sending me a small vial of essential oils blend entitled "Joy". I'm blessed!
Proverbs 31 Ministries thanked my husband and I for our monthly support by sharing a print with us. It's going up in my classroom.

So, instead of following the prompt alone...I'm writing about the word Holy.

You see, God made us with a Jesus-sized hole. We're constantly feeling inadequate and discontent and unsatisfied. That's natural. It's because we're HOLEY. We have a large hole that we need to fill.

When we allow Jesus to WHOLLY fill that hole, well, we become whole.

And then, we can contain His righteousness. We are HOLY. We are saved. We can then begin to be filled and pour out our overflow on others.

Perhaps this is not completely solid theology, but the word progression really helped me think of what this week's chapel will hold. To show how a dark heart won't hold things...and then when illuminated, you'll see the large hole spelling Jesus...and when it's filled, all at once, that heart can be filled and stay filled!

What are your thoughts??

I thought that "Share" the Good "News" tied in perfectly with last week's FMF prompt, too. :)



  1. Funny thing I was thinking about how state and news especially the Good News tied tether perfectly too. Oh and holey, holy, wholly that will stick with me fir a long time too.

    1. Tara,
      well, when we're as close to sisters as we are, it's fitting that share and good news fit together in both of our minds! :) I'm glad you liked the holey wholly holy. I'm a word-a-holic sometimes.
      Thanks for commenting!