Friday, February 24, 2017

Slow: Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday is a one-word writing prompt that happens weekly. It's hosted by the elegant Kate Motaung at this link:
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Tonight's Five Minute Friday post prompt is

The minute I heard the prompt, I knew I'd be pondering James 1:19.
"Be quick to listen, SLOW to speak, and SLOW to become angry."

God is refining me further. He is wanting to get really deep into my heart and soul and make me more like himself.

So, I need to be more SLOW in my speaking. I need to be more SLOW in my anger/reaction to things in life. I need to be a better listener.
The key to resolved conflict is effective communication.
This is as true for my kids and myself as it is for all external relationships we have.

Tonight I type this in my pajamas. It is 8:00pm and I am already ready for bed.
It was a really good day! I ended the day with a chance to be a good/better listener. And I do feel like I tried really hard to listen. When I spoke, I tried to be SLOW to speak.

Still, I was not able to completely communicate what I meant or was thinking and was not able to completely understand what I was hearing.

This means frustration. We want to understand and when we don't? It can be so so very frustrating.

God has a plan in all this, though. He wants us to keep trying. To tear down walls.
I am so very grateful that I heard that phrase in my communication received. I was able to say multiple times, "I agree." "That is what I want."

So I would say that even though I am still frustrated that I don't understand but want to, that steps forward were made. And that is how God is working in my life. He has brought me very far this year.
And He is really speaking to me in my desk calendar from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. If you're looking for a quick devotional for your day, it has been timely for me this month.
No, I don't get anything for promoting it. It has just really helped me.

And, that's five minutes.

This song was what I was singing this morning. It's called "You are my Hiding Place".
It was on the Corrie Ten Boom movie of a similar name.

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  1. I loved the Jesus Calling devotional. Oh and great minds think alike. I thought of that text immediately too. We need to be "slow to anger and slow to speak." I'm in the 6 spot this week.

    1. Thanks, Tara.
      So much easier to think of it than to practice it. :) So glad you're here!

  2. Funny today's prompt brought to mind James 1:19 as well. It was very timely because I am in a waiting period with the Lord and I felt him really telling me to slow down and specifically in the speaking department and listen to Him. Not easy, but I feel like I'm getting it.

    Thank you for sharing your heart to follow His lead.

    Dropping by from FMF #69
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, Kelly.
      So glad we were neighbors this week! :)
      And oh what a joy when we 'get it', even when it is difficult!!

  3. Love this, Tammy, and the song is great!

    I'm now very slow to speak, because talking hurts so much; I have to measure and ration my words. It's been good for me, I think.

    #3 this week.

    1. Thanks, Andrew. I am sure the effort for you to speak to us in the comments is great. So, I thank you for taking time for me. It is a blessing, indeed.

      And, I laugh, because I do think you measuring and rationing your words IS a good thing, given what little you've shared. :) No more sarcastic but funny comebacks, you're realizing the golden worth of less words that share love.
      You really are being so refined, my friend.
      Following behind.