Thursday, January 26, 2017

Interceding for those who hate you

Whoa. Heavy title, no?

I've been in a Bible study on James since September. Francis Chan's study is refreshing and in depth and last night, the Holy Spirit brought conviction and clarity to my heart.

Have you ever had people who you just cannot seem to please? The more you try to make things right, the more they find wrong?? It will happen at least once in your life. Some professions will give you more opportunities than others.
(Insert IRS joke here)

When people don't know you well, they don't understand where you are coming from and perceive you through a different lens. What you say as a joke to a stranger may come across as an unkind criticism with a grin.

More than once, when in a situation I just couldn't fix, I have gone to God with my hurts and received healing from Him, but last night He gave me more insight.

Sometimes, perhaps, that person is in your life because you ARE faithful. Because you DO pray. And because THEY NEED YOU.

I'll give you a minute to get up off the floor.

It is said bless those who curse you. I have been praying blessing on people who hurt me, but last night God took it further. What if I am not just to pray blessing and hope that they'll give me a peaceful day, but what if I'm to intentionally make war on their behalf?

What if the God of Heaven is asking me to unleash His armies on their enemies? And that it is BECAUSE of my faith in Him that He trusts me to be in prayer for them and to ask Him to forgive them for what they don't know they're doing???

What if God is going to work through me to bring them closer to Him?

I have asked God "why" before, but it was the wrong "why".

Don't ask, "Why God? What did I do to deserve this?"
Instead, ask, "Why God? What are You doing? What mission do you have for me in the midst of this? My humanity is totally blind to Your Hand in this situation. Please give me Your eyes. I am willing to be used."

I tell you, this just changed my life and rocked my world last night. And at first? It stung.

Conviction rolled me over as I realized how selfishly I had been approaching this. And now? It's not overwhelming me. I've got my guns aimed at the REAL target instead of in a defensive position, trying to brace for another attack. I'm full-blaze aiming at the enemy that I share with all humans. The one who hates all that God has made. Yep. I see him now, cowering behind the smoke and mirrors.

Thank you, Lord. You are SO Good.
And, here's some of my music for the day. Enjoy! (What a Beautiful Name-Hillsong)



  1. Powerful post Tammy. I'll be chewing on this a while. Looking forward to meeting you at the FMF Retreat!

    1. Christy,
      thank you. It's definitely been a season of steak and not milk in my walk, but each piece takes a whole lot of chewing. :)
      So glad you came by!