Thursday, December 3, 2015

OneWord365: Humility

Alece over at has been such a kind friend to me. I've been blessed to share guest posts over there several times now. This is my most recent, and I hope you enjoy it!

Some people have difficulty choosing their word for the year. Some people have a moment of inspiration. It seems the more time you meditate and center in on what God is speaking to you, the easier it is to hear what He says.

When you ask God to speak one word over your life, be prepared for Him to make a mighty change—sometimes that process begins before the calendar declares a new year.
My first year, the word was “trust”. I felt that I did not trust God fully, though my mind wanted to trust Him. By the end of the year, the transformation happened, and I do trust Him! This second year, my word has been “joy”, but He has been teaching me about grace. It’s amazing. Really. I can’t stop writing about it!
For 2016, the word He’s leading me to and through? “Humble”.
This is not a fun word to be led through. And the process began much earlier than I thought it would. Still, He is speaking and is gentle in His teaching, and it’s necessary for where He wants to use me next.

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