Monday, December 7, 2015

Blessed Are The Pure of Heart: A Book Review

As somebody who enjoys books immensely, it was an honor when a friend of mine asked me to read and review his novel. I met Andrew through Kate Motaung's weekly linkup, Five Minute Friday.

Andrew has a blog, you can follow him over here.

This novel was engaging from the start. You are quickly thrown into a situation that causes you to empathize for the characters you have met. The series of events that follow are brilliantly woven together. From the beginning to the end, you will think you know what is happening, and then be given a curve that was unforeseen.

What I really appreciated about this novel is that the characters are very realistic. These are easily people that live next door to you, that you have met. You care about every moment of their lives, and there is not a single moment in the book that is wasted.

Without giving away anything, I also appreciated the ability of the book to stretch your ideas of what is possible in the human realm, in the spiritual realm, and how God uses people to affect others. This is a work of fiction that I have recently given as a gift to a friend who served in the Army overseas. The main character is a veteran, as is the author of the novel. His experience comes through the pages and gives insight to the adjustments back to civilian life for our soldiers.

I hope you will get a chance to read Andrew's novel, and then a chance to send one on to a friend. This was a very gifted writing. He also has an e-book on Amazon currently for soldiers who may be struggling with PTSD and the holidays. He and his wife Barbara are true servant-heart people that offer shelter to rescue dogs, and I hope you will visit his blog and leave him a comment or two.


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