Monday, August 3, 2015

Help for the Graphical Design Challenged

So, if you, like me, don't have a degree in Graphic Design, but love all the beautiful word art graphics out there, here's something for you.

Jennifer Ueckert has an online studio. She just opened her store today, but she's not new to design.
She's also offering a 20% discount in honor of opening her store. That's pretty exciting for those of you who have an idea in mind but can't quite get it to come out correctly.
I had asked if she had a design I liked but I wanted different wording, if she does custom work. Here is her response:

hi tammy! i saw your question to kaitlyn and yes, i do custom prints such as “this is my favorite verse and i like how you did this one.” :) just let me know what you had in mind!


And, if you look in the background of that collage, there are some beautiful prints there. I think I want to make some coffee mugs, and maybe have some prints on my walls.
So, again, enjoy the discount! (And here are some of her prints that you can order. They're gorgeous!)


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