Friday, February 27, 2015

Visit: Five Minute Friday

Today's five minute prompt is the word "Visit". Here's the link-up over at Kate Motaung's website.

My husband and I met in the summer of 2003. I came out to visit my best friend from grade school and the job she'd set me up with promised to pay for my last year of college.
I never got to go on a call, but I met my best friend for life and we did a short-distance summer dating before I drove the 1,000 miles back to my college.
During our long-distance separation and many phone calls and letters, he gained my trust and won my heart, asked my dad's blessing, and proposed over the phone.
He came out then, for a visit, at Christmas. I did not know he'd secured my engagement ring, as he'd told me a tall tale about not having the resources until Spring Break.

So, the word visit, to me, has always been bittersweet. It's always temporary, and though wonderful, the parting is awful.

My parents live in another state, about 400 miles away, and we love to visit, but the times between visits are long.

I hope that my relationship with Christ is not at visitor status. I don't want Him to simply pop in for a "visit" from time to time when I need a friend or encouragement, but that He would be a permanent member of my family. That He would be a fixture in my house.
I don't ever want to be saying goodbye to my One and Only Savior.

If He lives here all the time, I am not putting on a show of a clean house to impress Him, but rather, letting Him experience the clean and the messy, the great and the awful, and knowing that He loves me through all of it. I am raw, real, and sincere. There is no pretense of anything, but the deep, undying love of my Jesus.



  1. Tammy, I love this post. You are right. Jesus is with us all the time so we don't need to pretend. I especially like this: "I am raw, real, and sincere. There is no pretense of anything, but the deep, undying love of my Jesus." I want to be authentic and real all the time. :) I'm visiting from #fmf.

  2. My hubby and I also had a long distance relationship and the visits were always to short! We were both so happy when the marriage part happened and we didn't have to be separated by distance again. I also understand being far from parents. We live far from both sets of grandparents for our kids and that has been tough at times and now our oldest daughter has left us for the university on the opposite coast. Visits are cherished and treasured and always too short! Thanks for your words and encouragement to stay close with the Father!

  3. May God bless you and visit you always!!! He is a loving friend and He loves to be near to us... Thank you for your post