Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Life is Priceless

Sometimes, you can't keep quiet.
The words are burning like a fire within you, needing to be written, spoken, heard.

This week, I awoke too early (we have cats and they use the great outdoors rather than their backup box), and almost couldn't get back to sleep with the words running through my head.

Occasionally, I have written letters to the editor, but it has been a while.
This time, it had to be written immediately, and it published the very next day.
And to my surprise, I received a message via Facebook from a person I don't believe I know, thanking me for my letter.
"Thank you for that amazing and brave letter to the editor today. I'm sure there will be some negative feedback but so many of us appreciate what you said."

The editor titled it "Evil disregards the value of human life"

Here is the letter:

The core principle of humanity is that human life has value. What dollar amount can equal a human life?

Yet this principle is exploited by terrorists such as ISIS with their executions. Evil disregards the value of human life.
Evil straps bombs to young children and women and sends them running toward others. As a society, if we fail to value life at its beginning, then our tears are false at its end. Ask an infertile couple what the value of human life is.
The Pregnancy Hope Center offers free ultrasounds, and seeing is believing in many cases. When as a society, we and our doctors view life with more value than dollars, we will have no need to legislate abortions. We will rejoice at the miracle of pregnancy.
Our young women will receive support to make the difficult decision of raising their child or sharing that life with another couple and allowing an adoption. We will begin to heal some very deep wounds, and once again, we will set ourselves apart from others. Life is priceless.
Tammy Belau

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