Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wife After God

This post will be short, but I was so excited! If you recall, in January, the Wife After God devotional study on Facebook was something I participated in. On Day 8, I had been exploring trust and understanding that our husbands, our kids, even our own performance will never satisfy us. I wrote about that experience here.

This April, Jennifer at UnveiledWife.Com is going through the Wife After God devotional again, but she chose to have wives share on each day, giving a personal story to illustrate the lesson.
And? I was chosen for the Day 8 "Confident Worthiness" chapter.
What an honor!
I've included the YouTube link so you can watch the video if it doesn't properly imbed itself on here.
Chapter 8 Wife after God

And, I am so thankful to Jennifer. Somebody asked if I had a blog, and she linked me in the comments there.
May God receive all the glory. I don't know any of this on my own, but through His patience with my faults, He is teaching and showing me many things. I hope to always encourage others!


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