Monday, July 30, 2012

Faith and Flowers

Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 9:32am

I was spending some time with God this week and thinking about my children. I was praying about his purpose for me and my life. Sometimes as a stay at home Mom, it's easy to lose perspective. What is my ministry? What does God want me to do today? Who does he want me to speak to?I had an image in my mind of a garden. God has given me three beautiful daughters. Each of them are gardens with fresh soil. He can cause the magic of growth, but He has tasked me with cultivating the soil, nurturing the planting with seeds, lots of water, and making sure the garden is constantly exposed to his Son. It is up to me to be diligent as I look for weeds. The longer I let them grow, the deeper the roots and the higher risk that they will choke out the healthy growth.

The water? I must be filled up myself so that it overflows into the garden. Without daily time with God, I don't have enough for myself so the negative comes out and harms the plants. Am I speaking with fertilizer or pesticide?

It is important not to put the seedlings out into the harsh spring until they have strength to weather a dip in temperatures. For now, they are still inside the house on the kitchen table or by the window.

I hope this will encourage someone else that our daily lives are meaningful-and that if we are listening we might have a chance to do some really great gardening this year!

Dave and the girls planting seeds in our garden last summer

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