Friday, July 21, 2017

Story: Five Minute Friday

Story is our prompt.
What's your story?
History can be broken into "His story".
Time was marked BC (before Christ) and AD (anno domini) when I was in school.
As I travel around the sun I am learning and seeing how my story is truly His story.
I made decisions to follow Him and those are parts of my story.
I made decisions to follow my own acclaim and He welcomed me with open arms, still a part of His story.
The story is unpredictable but the ending is wonderful!
A selfless love willing to die for the hope of returned love and devotion that ends in a forever "Happily ever after."
And everyone is offered the same ending.

I am at the Five Minute Friday Retreat. May this short offering bless you.


  1. Tammy, hand out some hugs from me at the retreat!

    And yes, the ending is wonderful. In fact, more than.

    1. Andrew,
      So glad for your voice here! We gave a LOT of hugs all around!
      Very glad we share this happy ending!

  2. A few days late, but glad I stopped by. "Everyone is offered the same ending." This makes my heart first swell with thankfulness and then constrict with pain. I'm so glad that Jesus saved me and I long for others to know that joy as well. - Marie (