Thursday, September 17, 2015

Celebrate: Five Minute Friday

Another week, another chance to write on a one-word prompt for only five minutes. We set timers, type quickly, and let it flow without criticism. Then, we link-up our posts so we can read others' posts and they read ours and we have a community that grows from one word each week.
Five Minute Friday.


This week's word is "Celebrate".
That word instantly made me smile.
We enjoy celebration. Life. We celebrate life. New babies, life anniversaries (birthdays), wedding anniversaries, and many other things.

Today I am celebrating fulfilled promises. In 2011, we began a journey at a private school with our oldest daughter. The next year, we had two daughters at the school. Then we had a major change at the school and we were in a transition year. It was so difficult for many reasons. Our administrator felt called away. We had one interim administrator followed by another one at semester (due to health problems). Year 3 was the year we had to choose. Many people had choices. Stay, go, trust, move on, and for everybody, the choices were different. We chose to stay.

Last year was year 4. We had prayed for a long time for a new leader for our school. God brought somebody who has cast vision of "God first, students next".
Because of this purpose, and that God would get glory, we have a servant leader modeling for the students what a Christian leader should act like. He mows the lawn on a riding mower. He pushed through the hurdles and we had a football game on our new field at home last weekend. This is year 5, we have all three daughters at the school and I'm a "part-time" teacher on staff! Next year we are supposed to have a better playground for the elementary.

Today, God showed me a rainbow as I was coming back to the school and it stopped me. He is so faithful to us! I'm journeying through Psalms this month. Yesterday was Psalm 136. Twenty-six times we repeat "His love endures forever."

Not only when we're thankful or have something to celebrate, but when it's bleak and dark.
In the photo, you see the darkness contrasted with the vibrant colors of His promise.
When it is dark and stormy, "His love endures forever."
When enrollment is dropping and they can't afford to fill the positions but still want your service, "His love endures forever."
Two years later, enrollment is rising and they need more desks. "His love endures forever."

Today, I celebrate God's faithfulness to keep His promises. Even when I don't know what He has promised, He is using His children to complete His work. And that is certainly something to celebrate!



  1. I think it was last week that I wrote on how I walked away and the impact it had. I am so happy you chose to stay and see God's promises come to life!! So often we run from one thing to the next in hopes of better when often times better is right where we are, if we slow, wait and celebrate what we already have!! Thank you for the reminder!!

    1. :) Marisa,
      I am so happy you wrote here. There are times I've been impatient and I believe I've missed out as well. It's so much easier to sit and wait than go somewhere new for a Hobbit like myself. I crave the comfortable and familiar (and second breakfast).
      But, sometimes we miss out when we sit, too. Thank you for allowing me to encourage you tonight!!

  2. Amen sista! God's love does indeed endure forever! The word prompt instantly made me smile too! Umm so much this: "Not only when we're thankful or have something to celebrate, but when it's bleak and dark." I celebrate YOU friend!

    1. Tara,
      after reading your post, I was so glad to know you'd read mine. I wanted to pour hope and joy out for you today. God is filling me up and I'm bubbling and really, I was celebrating today! :)
      It was also a really rough day with our emotionally charged 6 year old, but He is so much bigger than our storms. SO much bigger. Year 3 was also my bleakest time as a parent. His faithful love endures forever.
      I've seen more glory in the storms than ever in the calm...and I still don't like the storm, but He is helping me SO much recently!
      Love you!

  3. 26 times! Us mere mortals are such stubborn, hard-headed beings! Like naughty children who don't listen properly....thank goodness that, despite this, He still shows us rainbows just when we need them. Helen {A FMF friend}

  4. What a lovely post, and picture.

    God's love does endure. We can run away from Him as fast as we can, and then, if we realize we've been idiots and stop, thinking it's a LONG way back...

    ...we'll find that He's been just half a step behind us.

    The road home is the shortest one ever made.

    #3 at FMF this week.

  5. What a beautiful story of staying and celebrating the little victories--that's what builds community and makes life sweet :).

  6. How exciting that enrollment is rising and you are saying God's blessing. I went to a school like this growing up. Treasure those memories and get what you are saying.


  8. How exciting to see God moving and bringing to fruition hopes and dreams. I know what it's like to hope and pray for a godly leader of an organization, and I'm so glad you chose to stay! Celebrating with you today.