Thursday, March 26, 2015

Break: Five Minute Friday

Every Friday, we receive a prompt, we sit, we reflect, and then we type without stopping for five minutes. We don't re-write, we simply reveal what is within us, and then we link up with others who have taken those five minutes to share.
We then take five minutes to visit those other posts and leave feedback, and that is the #fmfparty community I've joined this year. What a blessing and encouragement!
Here is this week's link-up.


It's spring break.

I needed a break, and I took one. I just returned from visiting family 400 miles away. I took our minivan and three girls across the state line to Grandpa and Grandma's house. It had been four months. That was too long, and yet there wasn't any way to go sooner.

Still, I've been restless. I had lots of breaks and the restlessness never completely left. Do you know what really needed to break? Me.

I needed to break down and realize that I am never enough to fill up my emptiness and yet to take the time to stop, get off the dizzy cycle and take the time it needs to press in and be filled-that was the break I needed.

Face-break, not checking Instagram, not seeking affirmation in the virtual world, but stopping and turning the rustling pages of ancient words that are still alive and life-breathing.

To stop, inhale, and appreciate the very breath I've been given-that is the break I needed.
Today I did it. I took a break and fervently asked for that sweet Holy Spirit to come in and fill and overwhelm and overflow that empty heart of mine. And? He did.
My day was the same as it would have been, but within my heart was a peace and contentment that I needed to revisit and revive me.

Are your songs lacking substance? The words hollow and empty? Perhaps you, too, need a break. Stop the rush, stop the busy, stop the texts and notifications and sneak off quietly and take a break and let the water rush over you and flow into you and through you and then you can pour life out to those other thirsting souls you are connected to!

God longs to fill us-to give us a "break". Come to me, all you who are weary and I will give you rest.



  1. Visiting from FMF, and so glad I did! I have such a love/hate relationship with the internet. It enables me to connect with awesome people (like you!) but it's also so draining. Distracting. Thanks for this reminder to unplug and make time for what and Who really matters!

    1. Marie,
      thank you so much! I read your post and tried to comment but since I use blogspot instead of wordpress, I had forgotten my password. Long story short, too many attempts forbade me the pleasure of commenting on your post.
      I shall try again in the morning!
      Thanks again!!

  2. Nice post!

    My songs aren't lacking substance...they're rather TOO real at the moment, and potentially, and literally, lethal. I went down hard with a severe organ dysfunction last week, and the shock had a better-than-even chance of putting me on the wrong side of the grass.

    So I don't really need a break. This is the fight of and for my life, and I intend to win it.

  3. I had a break last week. I ended up driving 24 hours over three days all by myself. It was nice. I couldn't text or check Facebook. I stopped along the way to look for birds or photograph wildflowers. I listened to books on tape that I didn't have time to sit down and read but really wanted to. I spent more time in the ancient book and reflecting on the miracle of creation. It was lovely :).