Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Housecleaning and thankfulness??

Laundry, laundry, how I love thee-you mean I have clothes to wear
Dishes, dishes, thank you, thank you-you held food that I prepared
Dirty floors that I am cleaning-how I thank you very well-
you hold up the ones I love-glad we have a place to dwell
I coined this poem this morning while doing some baby laundry that was unexpected. (no more huggies diapers for me-we're pampers people for good!)
Regardless of our circumstances, our attitude bears so much on our life and mood. I pray to have a thankful heart and to be cheerful as I work. (and we have been watching Cinderella a lot)

I was blessed to have 16 people in our home for lunch after dedicating our youngest, Naomi, to God at our church this past Sunday. (our entire house is 864 sq ft). Then we had 15 people in our home for dinner as some left and others came. How blessed we were (and stressed but in a good way), and as we clean, we can thank God for each guest and pray for them. We underestimate just how much prayer affects others. Praying is the single most important service we have for each other. Far beyond our physical capabilities, we can call on the power of the Almighty God for each person we bless as we lift them up to our powerful Creator.

I believe we do a disservice thinking that our words will be more helpful than our prayers. Not to say that we shouldn't interact personally-I think face to face time continues to be of importance as we lose so much personal connections to technology. Often though, we really don't know what to say and can say something that really DOESN'T help.

May you find joy in your work today as we journey onward toward heaven-where work will cease to be anything but joyful!!

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